Marine Museum

The Marine Museum in Pacífico Adventures is a space created to disseminate important information about the Peruvian sea in order to conduct environmental education and raise awareness among visitors about the importance of wildlife conservation and our marine resources.

Peruse an interesting photographic exhibition of whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks, birds and the impressive fishing that took place in Cabo Blanco in the 1950s.

Take a listen to an audio of the humpback whales singing, recorded by our team of marine biologists. You will also see a collection of fossils, huge whale bones, a collection of seashells and more.

Our museum has received visits from various schools, universities and thousands of national and international tourists.


The complete experience offered by Pacífico Adventures continues after the whale watching tours, with a visit to the Pacífico Adventures headquarters where the Marine Museum is located. There you will also find the delicious Café Pacífico, our reservations office and a souvenir shop.

Our Café Pacífico offers the organic coffee from Piura, sandwiches, all-natural fruit juices, personal pizzas, and divine dessert options to be enjoyed on our terrace overlooking the sea.

Canto de Ballenas